Raise funds with confidence via a legally compliant framework.

Go digital and raise funds against your assets via Security Token Development and Offering.

Big investors worldwide are now trusting security tokens since they need to go through stringent legal and regulatory compliance. Reach out to international investors and raise more funds for your Project via Security Token Offering.

STO (Security Token Offering) increases the investors trust in your projects, hence they invest in your project without fear or hesitation. Thus, you can raise more money via an STO. Security Tokens are different from the usual utility tokens, hence require experts who understand the regulatory and legal framework.

1. Features

Smart Contract Embedded: All tokens are embedded with smart contracts, which means they are coded in compliance with regulations from the registered jurisdiction.

Transparency: All the terms and conditions of an STO is accessible to public, making it very transparent and auditable.

Reissuance Feature: Security Tokens have the feature that they can be reissued to the investors if they lost their wallet keys.

Equity Token: Any holders of your token have equal rights to your stockholders in terms of dividend issuance and voting.

Reserve Assets Token: Companies that deal with the trade of Gold, Real Estate, etc. can launch an STO where the token is backed by the said asset.

Debt Token: It helps in easily paying your investors back via your Security Tokens, and attract debt investors for your company.

2. Benefits

Easy Trading: STO can help you to tokenize any asset you like which can be more easily traded online.

Flexible for Business Owner: Even after the initial sales, one can trade the tokens hassle-free, making them a better option for liquid investments.

Global Investors: The value of the token is uniform throughout the world. This leads to easy trading and attracts investor around the globe.

Security: Since STO follows all legal and regulatory framework, it is more secure and risk-free than ICO.

Why Choose Syncrasy?

End-to-End Support: We know how Blockchain and related terminologies can be confusing; you will get our full support from the planning till the execution of the STO.

Security Token Compatibility: We create Security Tokens that are in accordance with international regulations and laws. Thus, making them tradable around the globe.

Expert Professionals: We have a separate team of coders and lawyers that will give you the best technical and legal services.

Transparent Processes: We communicate project updates clearly and precisely to our clients, and remain transparent about each and every development.

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