Smart Contract

Automate processes and transactions with intelligently written code.

Smart Contracts are digital contracts which are maintained in a blockchain with pre-defined conditions of execution that protect against frauds, improves security, and automates processes. Businesses are utilizing smart contracts extensively to streamline business operations.

Getting secure smart contracts developed and audited is an absolute necessity for a new age digital business. Smart contracts are helping many businesses worldwide in performing transactions, trades, and agreements in the Blockchain network. We at Syncrasy, have a team of development experts which have exceptional experience on developing smart contracts across blockchains.

1. Features

Precision: The payments via a smart contract is only processed when the agreed conditions are fulfilled. This reduces or even eliminates any chances of double spending.

Security: The data stored in the smart contract is unchangeable and immutable, that adds on to its security and authenticity.

Updateable: The smart contracts designed by us can be updated using proxies by adding additional conditions/clauses.

Automation: Smart Contracts automate your transactions and let you focus on more important aspects of your business.

2. Benefits

Efficient: Smart Contracts, being paper free and automated, are time and cost efficient resulting in more transactions.

Transparency: There are no hidden terms and conditions in smart contracts. Everything is transparent to both the parties.

Trust-less: Since the parties don’t need to trust each other, they don’t need to know each other well before.

Elimination of Middlemen: Since all the transactions performed directly between the parties. This eliminates the need for any third party like banks.

Why Choose Syncrasy?

Ideation: At Syncrasy, your business model will be studied to the core for the planning of your custom smart contract.

A Team of Experts: Syncrasy has gathered the best developers with exceptional experience in different industries and business models.

Latest Features and Upgrades: We will develop smart contracts unique to your business, fully updated and upgraded with the latest features.

Long-term Support: We, at Syncrasy, believe in long-term business relations. We will support you even after the development and deployment of your smart contract.

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