Service Cloud

Delight your customer by providing timely top quality customer service.

With the effective implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud, you can ensure that your customers are always satisfied with your customer care.

Companies that switch to Salesforce Service Cloud saw 35%* increase in customer satisfaction and 34% increase in productivity of the customer service agents. It contributes to 30% of the total revenue coming from Salesforce products!* Implement this highly successful CRM software to serve your customers better!

Service Cloud gives businesses a holistic view of their customers that enable them to deliver intelligent, quick and personalized experience. It lets you create a connected library of customer knowledge, facilitate live agent chat, simplify case interactions – all in a single platform. With personalized customer interactions, you can even create opportunities for up-sell/cross-sell based on historical data.

1. Features

Escalation Rules: Define escalation rules to reassign and notify individuals when a case is not closed within a specified time period.

Managing Case via Web/Email: Email-to-case and Web-to-case features enable you to create a case whenever you receive an email on a defined email id or via the website.

Auto-response: Configure auto-response rules to generate spontaneous responses to specific cases from the web as well as email.

Unified Console: A comprehensive console that gives information on everything from customer profiles to case histories – all in one place.

Smooth 1:1 Interaction: Lets customer service agents provide quick answers with customer chat and keyboard shortcuts.

Social Media Integrated: The feature of Salesforce Social Studio escalates customer requests directly to your social service team from various popular social media platforms.

2. Benefits

Data Security: Service Cloud follows a multi-layered approach to protect the confidential business information and keep your data safe.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Personal interactions help increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention, resulting in repeat purchases.

Increase Agent Productivity: Service Cloud enables your agents to work from anywhere using a web-based application, mobile device, unified knowledge base, etc.

Case Tracking: Individual case tracking helps in faster resolution and better management by reducing human errors.

Why Choose Syncrasy?

Flexibility: Whether it is agile or waterfall, we follow the methodology that suits our customers best. We give you the best combination of quality and speed.

Adaptive Tactic: Our processes ensure each implementation solves specific problem and are able to incorporate changes in the requirements.

Enhance Efficiency: We automate repetitive tasks and improve your processes so your agents can spend more time working on what matters.

Optimum Utilization of the License: We try our best to explore all available technologies to the maximum before using custom development.

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