Sales Cloud

The Best CRM to find the right customers, increase conversions, and grow accounts.

Salesforce Sales Cloud consultation, integration, and implementation to suit your unique sales process.

Implement this highly popular CRM software to increase your lead conversion. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM that helps you to manage and prioritize your customers and leads in one place. It's designed to help you sell smarter, faster and in the right direction by streamlining and automating all the common & repetitive non-selling tasks perform by your sales team. It collects and analyses the critical data of your business to help you with key decisions. Being device friendly you can access all its features on-the-go via your smart devices.

1. Features

Customizable: You can customize Salesforce Sales Cloud according to your customer’s needs and your sales program resulting in a unique CRM solution for your sales infrastructure.

Device Friendly: You can access all of the Salesforce Sales Cloud features via your smart devices from anywhere, anytime.

Validation System: Setup validation rules required for certain conditions to reduce manual intervention required.

Multiple Sales Processes: Setup various record types for different accounts, opportunities and leads to manage multiple sales processes at ease.

Simplicity: With the drag and drop option, you can rapidly design, modify, and automate any sales/business process.

2. Benefits

Customer Management: Gain better insights from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to analyze the demands of your customers and improve customer-brand relationships.

Personalized Solutions: Salesforce Sales Cloud being customizable enable you to implement a unique solution for your business processes.

Sales Data: Receive the right data at the right time. Plan your future strategies and increase sales with the latest insights and most accurate data.

Lead Management: Track your leads from the time they make the first click till their final interaction with your brand to increase chances of lead conversion.

Why Choose Syncrasy?

Personalized Consultancy: We, at Syncrasy, believe in personalized relationships rather than one-time transactions. Our team will be dedicated to your vision and your business plans.

End-to-end Support: We give you the best, viable, and unique solution according to your business needs and demands.

Better Lead and Improved Sales: With a unique CRM solution implemented by us, you are sure to receive better leads and convert those leads into potential clients.

Expert Insights and Sales Data: Our team of experts will give you insights on how to use your sales data to grow your revenue.

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