Salesforce Pardot

Marketing Automation made easy with powerful personalization and engagement.

Implement Salesforce Pardot to improve lead quality and effectiveness of marketing campaigns to increase sales and enhance ROI.

Salesforce customers witness an average 25% increase in ROI for marketing.* Implement this essential component of Salesforce suite to effortlessly improve your sales and lead quality via personalized emails, engaging leads and attractive landing pages.

Pardot is a marketing automation solution from Salesforce that integrates with Salesforce CRM to help your marketing team enhance their capabilities. It enables you to create personalized emails, engaging lead nurturing programs, and attractive landing pages. Pardot marketing automation significantly improves your marketing campaigns, lead quality, customer lists and more.

1. Features

Device Friendly: You can access all of the Salesforce Pardot features via your smart devices on the go.

Real-time Alerts and Notifications: Get real-time notifications via Salesforce mobile app to improve your follow-up speed and convert your leads into potential clients.

Lead Scoring and Grading system: With the help of Pardot’s blended grading and scoring system, find your best leads faster.

Personalization of Buyer’s Experience: Pardot helps you to change email/website content according to prospect’s grade, score, industry, etc.

Calculate Marketing ROI: Get intelligent and customizable reports on your campaigns to get the best results out of them.

2. Benefits

Smart Engagement with Leads: Speed-up sales by giving the agents the info they require to close the deal quickly and efficiently.

Generate High-quality Leads: With the help of powerful marketing tools, get more high-quality leads and turn those leads into customers.

Build Relationships: Automate the most common tasks and focus on building strong and long-lasting relationships with potential customers.

Track Campaigns: Track different campaign’s performances to figure out which one is giving the best result.

Why Choose Syncrasy?

Comprehensive Support: You will receive our full support from planning the solution till the time it is completely implemented.

Personalized Attention: Relationships are more important than the deal for Syncracy. Our clients receive the best and personalized attention from our team.

Experience of Implementing Customized CRM: Your sales and quality of leads will significantly increase with our uniquely designed CRM solutions for your marketing campaigns.

Expert Insights: Our team of experts will give you insights on the landing pages, marketing campaigns and latest marketing strategies.

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