Non-profit Cloud

Raise more by becoming a connected non-profit organization.

Track, manage and gather resources, volunteers and donations with the right implementation of Salesforce Non-profit Cloud.

The Non-profit Cloud can be a free entry point for organizations who want to manage their fundraising activities via Salesforce. Implement this highly popular CRM for your non-profit organization’s growth, management, and development.

The Salesforce Non-profit Cloud is a CRM solution for non-profit organizations that provide a single view of interactions with the fundraisers, members, supporters, volunteers, and affiliates. You will be able to create stronger relationships with donors, engage the community, reach out to masses who need help, and automate any repetitive task to focus on the main cause.

1. Features

Donor Management: Get all the details of your donors in one place including activity history, events attended, etc.

Monitor Donations: Track donations from pledge to payment, including individual grants. Standardize your donation process to automate routine task and analyze it with ease.

Volunteer Management: Recruit, track and manage your volunteers. Keep a check on volunteer’s qualification, skills, and training.

Budget Management: With Salesforce powerful automation and real-time analytics, manage and keep a track of your grant’s budget.

Event Management: Salesforce helps your event team in managing event calendar, creating seating table charts, etc. to conduct effective fundraising events.

2. Benefits

Raise More Resources: Secure the support, and cultivate the lifelong relationships you need for your organization’s growth.

360o View: A comprehensive view of everyone associated with your organization, from clients, to volunteers, to fundraisers.

Reach-out, Anytime: Stay connected with your members for communicating any last minute changes.

Increased productivity: Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more on your cause i.e. to help as many people as possible.

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Personalized Consultancy: Our dedicated project ma nagers will act as your extended team and work to achieve your vision and business goals.

Expert Insights: With years of experience, our consultants will give you insights that will help you in your endeavor.

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