Marketing Cloud

The unified marketing platform for better customer discovery and engagement.

Better engage customers via emails, web, social and mobile with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Meet, engage and know your customers better with powerful tools offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Implement this highly effective marketing platform to optimize your marketing efforts!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform for all your digital marketing needs. The platform allows users to create strong relationships by running effective campaigns for their consumers. Users can utilize the platform’s integrated solutions like customer journey management, content creation, data analytics, with special features like ‘Predictive Analytics’ for better decision making. The ‘Journey Builder’ component gives users the option to create and modify campaigns according to customer’s needs and behavior.

1. Features

Data Management Platform: Create a better customer experience by gathering data from all of your campaigns in one place.

Personalized Mobile Interactions: Send highly targeted and personalized SMS, MMS and push notifications for better mobile interaction.

Social Media Management: Engage customer better on social media sites with the help of powerful social media marketing tools.

Journey Builder: Identify the crucial steps and experiences in a customer’s journey. Build powerful 1-to-1 relationships with the journey Builder.

Targeted Ads: Execute 1-to-1 advertising using CRM data. Acquire and re-engage consumers on multiple channels to generate more leads.

2. Benefits

Better 1-to-1 journey: Make strong 1-to-1 B2B & B2C relationships with powerful marketing features and tools.

All-in-One: One platform to engage and manage it all, from businesses to consumers, effectively and efficiently.

A.I. for Smart Marketing: Utilize A.I to get predictive recommendations, data on consumer engagement, new segments and more.

Easy to Operate: With pre-built streamlined messaging flow, templates, and mobile apps create effective campaigns for your business.

Why Choose Syncrasy?

Personalized Campaigns: We can help you design personalized campaigns as per the needs of your business and your customers.

Better Leads: With a CRM solution implemented by us, you will surely make strong relationships with effective campaigns.

Insights from Digital Expert: Stay ahead from the competition with insights from our team of experts on digital marketing campaigns.

End-to-end Support: We extend our full support to the customers, right from the planning to implementation, and post-delivery.

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