Custom Development

A platform for all your cloud app development needs.

Develop, package, and deploy cloud applications instantly without any additional infrastructure at a lightning fast pace.

With the help of custom development, you can deploy cloud application quickly and hassle-free. Get customized to suit your cloud application deployment requirement and be cloud-ready, always! is a secure, scalable and powerful cloud computing platform that allows the users to easily develop and instantly deploy Cloud-based applications. These applications can have inbuilt mobile and social functionality. You can automate your business processes with its out-of-the-box tools and integrate with other applications.

1. Features

Drag & Drop Tools: The easy drag and drop tool helps you to build powerful and reliable enterprise applications without the need to write a single line of code.

Customizable Data Model: The platform contains an integrated and powerful cloud database which is easily customizable. You can create custom objects to store important data.

Apex Code: While it is super easy to create an application on the, you can further customize apps via Apex code.

Powerful APIs: One can utilize SOAP or REST APIs to integrate their organization’s data and get live notifications for any changes or modifications.

2. Benefits

Mobility: With apps having the inbuilt mobile functionality, you can access your business via your mobile from anywhere, anytime.

High Customization: Create an application which solely focuses on your business’s needs and requirements with a hybrid of Native and HTML.

Cost Effective: With prebuilt components and templates for profiles, feeds, updates, etc. it helps you to upgrade and maintain your apps in a cost-effective way.

Integrated Social Network: Connecting with your colleagues is easy with your own personalized social network developed with the help of

Why Choose Syncrasy?

Personal Touch: Your business is important to us and we understand its unique requirements. Our consultants give you the required attention.

Full Support: We will help you from planning to implementation for the automation of your business processes, so you can focus on your core objectives.

Expertise and insights: Our expert’s technical insights and extensive knowledge will help you to improve efficiency and expand your business.

Agile Methodology: Our customization process is designed to incorporate changes efficiently and swiftly.

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