Community Cloud

A powerful community software that lets you create outstanding self-service experiences.

Create a community to increase engagement with your customers, partners, and employees.

By implementing this advanced online community software from Salesforce, popular brands worldwide have built integrated communities for seamless collaboration and to simplify business processes. If you want to build a strong community and keep them engaged, then Salesforce Community Cloud is an obvious choice!

Every business needs a community of its own, where they can engage with their customers, ask for feedbacks, notify them for any coming events, etc. Salesforce Community Cloud helps users to create an engaging community for their business. It enables you to create and customize a community according to your business needs and requirements.

1. Features

Customization: Users have the option to customize Salesforce Community Cloud to suit their business’s branding needs.

E-commerce: Enable your customers to buys, discover, research products, all in one platform by integrating your community cloud with your e-commerce platform.

Data Sharing: Adjust your community cloud’s sharing settings so that your members smoothly share only the relevant data.

Mobility: Access your community from anywhere and anytime around the globe via Salesforce mobile app.

Groups: Lets you structure discussions and activities by creating a group for a team, an upcoming event, a new project, etc.

2. Benefits

Personalization: Personalize your community cloud to make a greater engaging platform for your customer, employees, and partners.

Deeper Customer Relations: Build connections with your customers that last long through a customer community.

Increase Employee Productivity: Keep your employees engaged and productive with the relevant information they need through an employee community.

Case Escalation: Customers can create cases directly in the community, and they can be escalated automatically based on keywords, or if unanswered.

Why Choose Syncrasy?

Community Planning: At Syncrasy, you will get the best help from our team to plan and build a community that suits your business requirements.

Quick Development: We have one of the best team that will get your community up and running in no time.

Community Management: After building your community, we will suggest you ways on how to manage it and get the best results.

Customized Reports: We design customized dashboards that help you generate reports to bring out the desired data points.

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