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Strategy & Concept Workshop

Together with a team of subject matter experts, business analysts, tech and product leads we define existing and desired business processes, transform business needs into functional requirements, identify risks and limitations, create the initial vision of the architecture and technology stack to be used.


Documented features and requirements for MVP. Clickable prototype for most important system use-cases (optional). Project plan with risks, budgeting and release strategy. Development proposal, SOW.


When the product is ready for production release, we plan out the launch in sync with marketing, sales, and customer support teams. We also set up system health checks and define support and maintenance processes to ensure smooth operation of the system.


Product launch in production environment. Support and maintenance processes.

Block Digital

Block digital is a revolutionary product through which you can digitally store documents on a public blockchain. The documents stored on the blockchain, after going through a process of hashing makes the document immutable and increases security from any outside tampering, keeping intact the integrity and authenticity of the document. Documents stored through Block Digital on blockchain can be easily verified at any point of time for its integrity.


Feature loaded, scalable and secure white label cryptocurrency exchange for safe trading, backed with comprehensive support. We provide a global ecosystem with an all-in-one digital asset platform and financial infrastructure supporting traditional banks and alternative investment.The Exchange allows the customer to trade cryptocurrencies for other assets such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies. Our Digital Currency Exchange is one of the top Digital Currency Exchanges in the country, with over +200K registered users and having traded over +30M in digital currency.

Our technologies

  • MySQL
  • CSS3
  • Django
  • Liferay
  • jQuery
  • Drupal
  • Node Js
  • Php
  • Python
  • Laravel
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • Apex
  • .NET
  • React
  • Java

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