Maintenance and Support

Unique Support Services that Help Leverage the Best of Pimcore

Software maintenance services are one of the most important parts of the product delivery cycle. Irregular or incompetent servicing could increase downtime and loss of productivity. It also makes you lose the goodwill of your digital customers due to unreliable or unstable digital customer experience.

Not only bugs and glitches, maintenance and support teams can also take over the responsibilities of researching and developing software improvement tactics, leaving you free to focus on core business areas. Regular maintenance allows the Pimcore to remain highly scalable and optimizes it for higher loads. SEO audits for Pimcore solutions also allow better search engine result rankings.

We offer an entire range of custom, need-based maintenance, and support services for your implemented Pimcore digital experience management solutions. Using Continuous Delivery methods to automate and accelerate the code-to-production process, we aim to heighten the levels of innovation your company can touch.

How Can We Help?

Customizable Maintenance Services: Knowing that your business requirements keep changing, we offer flexible, customizable Pimcore maintenance models, so that you can request a service based upon the severity or impact level of the issue.

Fixed Hour Support Packages: To help you get support easily, we provide fixed hour packages which can further be utilized according to service requirements, such as data migration/quality support, system monitoring, security needs, or UX/UI consultation support.

On-Demand Development Services: To take the burden off your shoulders of looking into every aspect of the business, which slows down productivity, we offer on-demand Pimcore development service team, which can work with your internal team to perform hassle-free implementation of the Pimcore-based solutions.

Preventive/Perfective Maintenance: We perform both preventive and perfective maintenance services to ensure that most glitches are fixed before system breakdown. Our team conducts regular checks and research to ensure that your Pimcore digital experience platform implementation is running smoothly.


Evaluating: First, we evaluate your existing Pimcore solutions by running tests, checking user experience feedback, and so on.

Proactive support: Based upon requirement, we then make the changes necessary to proactively prevent risks to the digital customer experience platform, such as design modifications.

Updating: Finally, we update your entire Pimcore system to align with the most recent upgrades, to ensure technical efficiency.

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