Custom Development

Leverage the power of Blockchain to transform your business.

Customized Blockchain solutions tailor-made to suit your business requirement and security needs.

Blockchain has the power to transform various industries including Finance, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Logistics. We build custom Blockchain solution utilizing different Blockchain solutions like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Multichain, Quorum, NEO, Ripple, etc.

Every business is unique! The information and data that belongs to a business is confidential and can’t be recorded on a Public Blockchain. Hence, getting a custom Blockchain developed for your business is the most logical choice. It offers you more flexibility and peace of mind since your valuable data is always in your possession. These are the permissioned Blockchain in which only the authentic user can join the Blockchain network.

Features of Popular Blockchain Technologies

Hyperledger Fabric: The most popular platform to develop custom Blockchain. Offer good functionalities to suit most of the businesses.

Ethereum: Easy & fast development and deployment through Ethereum Virtual Machine and DApps.

Multichain: A specialized open source Blockchain platform for multi-asset financial transactions.

Quorum: A Blockchain platform that offers Ethereum like features but is a permissioned private Blockchain.

Stellar: Another Blockchain for a financial transaction, relevant for the businesses where distributed payments is a major requirement.

1. Benefits

Cost Reduction: An intelligently designed Blockchain can reduce banking payments and other financial infrastructure costs by one-third.

Decentralized: The distributed ledger eliminates the need for reconciliation of information via a shared system of records.

Permissioned: Only authorized users can join the Blockchain network eliminating any chances of exposing business information to unauthorized users.

Consensus: For each transaction to process, all of the network members need to validate the information and give their consent.

Security: The cryptographic encryption ensures maximum security of the information while it is being transferred from one place to another.

Why Choose Syncrasy?

Expert in Customization: We can modify the Blockchain source code to offer specific features and options that are required by your business.

Skilled Developers: Our skilled coders have the capability to understand your business to the core and develop solution accordingly.

Comprehensive Solutions: We can develop the right solutions to plug holes in your business processes, making them fast, efficient and more reliable.

Business Understanding: Our experienced consultants are not just technically sound but also have an exceptional understanding of different industries and businesses.

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