Salesforce For Non-Profit

Salesforce for Non-Profit

NPSP is a suite of open source packages, installed on top of platform. The suite makes it easier for non-profit organizations to leverage the power of NPSP provides various functionalities which are specific to the Non-Profit day to day activities. We helps our customer to get started with NPSP pack and add tons of features to the standard functionalities. A standard NPSP implementation consist of the following features:

  1.    Household Management
  2.    Address management
  3.    Contact Management
  4.    Relationships Management
  5.    Donation Management
  6.    Contact Engagement
  7.    Campaign Management

In addition to the standard implementation, we customize the solution as per the organization requirements such as developing

  1.    Event Management
  2.    Payment Gateway Integration
  3.    Planned Gifts
  4.    Acknowledgement