Sustainer Packages

Our sustainer packages provides you a number of hours each month to dedicate to your organisation's Salesforce instance. In addition to maintaining and monitoring your org , we use these flexible hours to find opportunities for improvement and customisation that will help you to increase efficiency of the processes.

Salesforce Development

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud lets you gather data about customer interactions, encourage conversions, and manage all facets of sales from anywhere at any time. However, these tools and features need to be professionally configured in order to handle your company’s accounts, territories, products, and more.

Custom App Development

Application development is the most prevalent technology aspect doing the rounds of the market these days. With numerous apps available, a lot of companies and people alike are heading towards gearing up existing CRM's to enhance productivity, provide efficient reporting and widen their scope of technology dependency.

Salesforce Communities

Salesforce communities provide a perfect platform for directly connecting with your customer, build deeper customer relationship with direct customer relationship and employees to find the information , experts and apps they need to be most engaged and productive.

Salesforce Integration

From a Salesforce Integration point of view, we have everything your organisation might need to stay connected. Right from basic loading of data to real time integration, we take care of it all. May it be connecting the CRM to enterprise based applications residing in the Cloud or connecting your organisation's internal Intranet through the CRM’s network, everything is well thought of at Panacea.

Service Cloud's Service Cloud empowers your company to provide world-class customer service – from the help desk to social media channels – while drastically cutting costs. But to get the most from the Service Cloud, you need a consulting partner to help you tailor it to the specific needs of your business.